In honor of Women’s History Month your friends at Lunacy will be posting content celebrating the contribution of women to the film industry. This week we look at the five best internet resources for female filmmakers (and a few extras you should check out as well). Let us know about any we might’ve missed in the comments below!

1. Sundance Resource Map for Women Filmmakers

The Sundance Resource Map is a comprehensive collection of resources for female filmmakers, from students to seasoned professionals, sorted by platform, artform, and location. Nearly 200 opportunities and programs are easily navigated via a robust filtering tool that allows users to sort by platform, artform, location, and artist type.

2. Alliance Of Women Directors

For over twenty years the AWD has been dedicated to supporting the careers of women directors through job promotion, networking, advocacy, and mentorship. This non-profit organization uses their membership dues to organize networking events, conferences, and lectures in New York and Los Angeles.

3. Women in Film

WIF has gained a great deal of exposure and popularity for the opportunities they provide and their advocacy for women in the film industry. Offering scholarships, grants, writing labs, production and mentoring programs, career advice, and much more.

4. Film Powered

Film Powered is a networking community boasting more than 1,500 female professionals working in film and television. Through the Film Powered message boards these vetted filmmakers share job postings, classes, and social events. Members come from all facets of the industry, above and below the line.

Honorable Mention

Women and Hollywood – Offering filmmaking resources, statistics, and articles

Women in the Arts and Media Coalition – Advancing women in art and entertainment industries

ARRAY – Ava DuVernay founded advocate for female filmmakers and filmmakers of color

Chicken and Egg Pictures – Supporting female non-fiction filmmakers

Film Fatales – An inclusive community of women film and television directors