Frequently Asked Questions

Additional details about the content and structure of the course

What is this course about?
This essential course for independent filmmakers is designed to help you think like an entrepreneur, find the right financial partners, and finish what you start. Through video lessons, written assignments, and group coaching sessions, this course will guide you on a transformative journey that will infuse you with confidence, empower you with resources, and put you in the best possible position to raise money for your project.
Who is this course for?
This course is for filmmakers, producers, entrepreneurs, and really anyone seeking to learn more about fundraising, investor relations, business plans, deal ethics, and more! Individuals considering film investments have enjoyed the course as well.
How does the course work?
The class is organized into 4 sections. We will meet on Zoom once a week for 4 weeks to review each section. That means you have one week to get through each section (roughly an hour of video lessons, plus optional workbook exercises). Our one-hour Zoom meetings will be on Sundays at 2pm ET/11am PT starting March 21.
What do I get?
4 hours of on-demand video lessons, loads of downloadable documents and templates, four weekly zoom calls, and access to Slack channels to share and discuss with your private cohort and the whole LunacyU community.
Who is the instructor?
Stu Pollard has 20+ years of experience in the indie film space and has raised millions of dollars in private equity to fund projects over the course of his career.
Is this a live class?

No, this is not a live class. It consists of 33 video modules that you can watch at your own pace. There are 4 live Zoom sessions with the instructor during the course. It is suggested that you are caught up on each section before the meeting, so as to better understand the conversation.

When can I start the class?

You can find the start date for the next class on the home page of the website. During the class, you can watch the videos and use the content at your own pace, but there are 4 scheduled calls with the instructor. If you do not finish a section before the Zoom meeting, you may be behind.

What topics are discussed in this class?
Business Plans, Investor Relations, Tax Incentives, Producer Etiquette and more.
Can I watch a preview of this class?
Yes! Check out a FREE sample episode here. (It will ask you for your email again, but don’t worry – we won’t send you twice as many emails). You can also watch the first two episodes here at no charge.
Does this course contain legal advice?
This contains general legal advice, but it is strongly suggested that you consult with a certified lawyer when creating your business plan, your deal and more. The instructor is not a lawyer.
Do I have to attend the Zoom sessions or join the Slack channel?
No, this is not required, but we strongly recommend doing so to get the most out of the material.
Where can I follow LunacyU to receive updates?
You can join our mailing list at and follow @lunacy_u on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Will I get to meet investors?
No, this class will not introduce you to investors. However, it will teach you where to find investors, how to approach them & how to maintain healthy relationships with them.
Is this the first time this class has been taught?
Stu Pollard has taught this course at Film Independent for over a decade. However, this is the first online version of the course & it has been revamped, updated and enhanced.
Does LunacyU have other courses?

At this time, “Indie Film Financing” is our only available course. Let us know what you would like to see next by filling out our Contact Form.

I have more questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

Of course! Please send any queries to our Contact Form.