It’s no secret that your friends here at Lunacy Productions love Walter Murch. The Academy Award winning editor and sound  designer is responsible for some of our favorite movies, from The Conversation to The Talented Mr. Ripley. He literally wrote the book on picture and sound editing and popped up twice on our Lunacy summer reading list.

Part of what makes Murch so special is how he approaches film editing as an extension of our natural processes of perception. The title of his first book comes from his observation that great actors have a tendency to blink near the ideal cut point. His theory is that the perfect edit aligns with some subconscious natural rhythm we all understand. His philosophies on sound design are similarly subtle and impressionistic. The following quote illustrates another aspect of this overarching idea:

That we are particularly susceptible to the cinematic experience thanks to the fantastic narratives that play out in our minds each night of our lives.


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