While the phrase “Free Apps” is certain to draw a big crowd to your local sports bar, it’s just as tempting to those of us who spend the majority of our days working on a computer.

Whether you’re dealing with multiple copies of the same file, a large amount of documents that need renaming, or space running out on your machine, there are free tools to help you with your problems.

Here are 5 programs we use at Lunacy Productions to speed up our workflow and help us to avoid tedious tasks, so we can spend more time focusing on the important stuff!

The Problem:  I have too many copies of the same files.

The Solution:  Duplicate File Finder

What it does:  This program will search any folder and find any duplicate files within. You can navigate to where those files live. Or, for a small fee, you can have the program do it for you.

Where to find it:  iTunes Store

Limitations:  With the free version, you cannot erase duplicates in the program. You will need to open up the file location.


The Problem:  I have two folders, each with slightly different contents, but want to make it so that they both have the same contents.

The Solution:  ChronoSync

What it Does:  ChronoSync is an advanced file copier. You can copy files without fear of replacing old ones.

Where to Find It:  https://www.econtechnologies.com/downloads/downloads.html

Limitations:  You’ll need to restart the trial program for each sync you run.


The Problem:  I want to rename some files, but it’s going to take forever.

The Solution:  NameChanger

What it Does:  This software is a batch renamer and will allow you to prepend, append or replace characters. This will save you hours.

Where to Find it:  https://mrrsoftware.com/namechanger/

Limitations:  If you give it too many files, it will freeze and shut down.


The Problem:  I’m running out of space and need to see what’s taking up so much room.

The Solution:  GrandPerspective

What it Does:  This nice little program will give you a visual chart of all your files, organized by size. A larger box is a larger file and smaller boxes represent smaller files. You can hover over the squares and click them to be redirected to the folder.

Where to Find it:  http://grandperspectiv.sourceforge.net/

Limitations It may be hard to see some of the smaller files. There is no “zoom in” option.


The Problem My computer is getting cluttered and running slowly.

The Solution:  CCleaner

What it Does:  Cleans up tracking files, browsing data, and app usage.

Where to Find it:  https://www.ccleaner.com/

Limitations Free version does not include auto-cleaning services, support or “real-time” junk monitoring.


Lunacy Productions received no compensation for any of our endorsements here. We just like these apps!

What apps do you use to stay organized?  Tell us about them in the comments!