In a world of prequels, remakes, and spinoffs, Kentucky-based independent film production company Lunacy Productions is getting in on the action by expanding what they hope is the start of their own cinematic universe. 

This morning, Lunacy announced that it has begun pre-production on the much-anticipated sequel to last year’s IFC hit RUST CREEK. 

The Buck starts here. 

Some would argue that RUST CREEK does not really call for a sequel. “Did we need 5 sequels to TRANSFORMERS? Did THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS need 8? Did PAUL BLART: MALL COP need a second film? I say: absolutely!” explains producer Paris Nicshabe. “Look, you can’t survive in this business unless you have a franchise that spans several films that gradually get more and more ridiculous.”

“You look at the PSYCHO franchise. The JAWS trilogy. GREASE 2. That’s what we’re aiming for. We need to give the people what they want. Which in this case is aliens, cyborgs, and zombies. And meth. And justice. And a wholesome message about the importance of never giving up on your dreams.”

The new film, titled RUST CREEK 2: BUCK’S REVENGE will focus on meth dealer Buck Pritchert (once again played by Daniel R. Hill), who is brought back from the edge of death via alien technology and cybernetic enhancements.

Obsessed with tracking down those responsible for his “accident”, Buck goes on a rampage throughout the Kentucky backwoods (and, eventually, downtown Louisville) looking for justice…and maybe something more.

“While BUCK’S REVENGE starts off as a sci-fi action movie, it eventually morphs into something quite different,” explains production assistant Lou Drallop. “At its heart, the film is really a coming-of-age drama, where Buck realizes that his goal in life isn’t to sell meth…but to open an organically sourced haberdashery on the banks of the Ohio River.”

Will Buck be singing in RUST CREEK 2? Nicshabe isn’t telling, but online rumors hint at the simultaneous release of an original cast recording of somewhere between 6 and 27 songs. Added Nicshabe, cryptically, “You won’t believe your Bucking ears.”

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